Terrorism, wealth and ideology

I see some people are slightly annoyed that Arafats former terrorist and guerilla activities have been "forgotten" in many eulogies over him in the Norwegian media.

On the other hand nobody speaks loudly about Irgun or Stern, Jewish terrorist organisations who forced the British to give up the control of Israel to the Zionists.

Interview with underground marxist hip-hop rebel MackaRonny Iceberg

MackaRonny Iceberg is a Norwegian Marxist hip-hop project. The topics of the rhymes basically range from political issues to more personal emotional and/or sexual issues. MackaRonny Iceberg is of course independent, anything else would be a disgrace, and all the music is free.

Evolution - A debunking of Creationism

The theory of evolution is perhaps the most elementary scientific theory of them all,
based on three simple pillars of well under built empirical knowledge,
it pops out as the only logic consequence.

It is a wonder it took so long to develop,
as the evidence has been staring us in the eyes for millennia,
and still today strict religious dogma is claiming to be an alternative.
Well punk, you need to ask yourself three questions.
Do we inherit qualities from our parents?
Do mutations occur?

The Communist Revolution

Marx’ and Engels’ theory of communist revolution - why and how.

1 Introduction
2 Communism
2.1 Marx and Engels
2.2 The Communist Manifesto
2.3 Abolishing the Bourgeois property
2.4 Revolution
3 Conclusions
4 Bibliography

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Venstresida.net er et marxistisk nettsted som jobber for et mer rettferdig samfunn, hvor rikdommen til de få ikke er betinget av fattigdommen til de mange.

Vi ser at teoriene til Marx viser seg å være viktigere enn noensinne, og vi ser at politikken til den nyliberale kapitalismen oppfyller teoriene om imperialismen som kapitalismens siste fase.