Global Wave of Action for Education

Right now students across the world are fighting for a free emancipatory education for all, against privatization of education and increasing tuition fees:

Revolusjonær Pocket #1 - Sosialisme 2.0

Etter at førsteopplaget i papir fra 2007 nå er revet bort, kan venstresida.net presentere et digitalt 2. opplag av denne fantastiske pocketboka til fri nedlasting her på venstresida.net.

Denne pocketboka gir deg tanker om framtidige sosialismemodeller og annet snacks både av redaktørene og andre kjente navn på norsk venstreside. I tråd med bokas budskap er den selvsagt gratis å laste ned. La oss kalle det venstresida.net sin gave til leserne i anledning de 200.000 treff dere har gitt oss, som vi dermed rundet i dag. Få din personlige pdf ved å klikke på bildet under:

The construction of reality

No, this is not some postmodern or post-structuralist article, all about how reality is an construction of whatever. It is rather an essay on how we all subconsciously construct our own internal image of reality. An image we rarely think of, but which form the basis of all most all our decisions.

In modern day we have a large variety of more or less scientifically validated sources of knowledge about the world around us - both nature and society. Everything from opinion polls to figure out what a population thinks, to double blind tests to see if a medical procedure has the desired effect, to a large amount of quantitative and qualitative research on a huge variety of issues.

However not many people go to scientific peer-review journals, statistical bureaus, and other sources of that kind to actively build a image of the world they inhabit. Rather the image builds itself as a result of a cumulative array of impressions and single pieces of information.

Copying is not theft

Lovely instructive music video from Nina Paley:


The Snutehits 2010 mixtape

It's been rather quiet here lately, time has not allowed much musicmaking - apart from the traditional Marxist Christmas songs of course - but I thought I could try to do something I have been thinking of for a while - collecting a few of the many lovely hip-hop tracks with thematics around all those lovely peacekeepers that permeate society to keep us all nice, safe, warm and cosy. It's not really a mixtape as it's just a collection of videos and links of stuff that's available online, but i could have been... So, without further ado:

Socialist magic

If you want a few socialist laughs and magic tricks, you could do worse than checking out Ian Savilles website: http://www.redmagic.co.uk/video

Iceland after the crisis

Iceland was one of the first countries that was hit real hard from the economic crisis. To evaluate the situation on the island now, a couple of years after the economic brakedown, I went to Reykjavik to have a chat with a couple of representatives of the alterglobalisation movement Attac, which was startet in Iceland after the crisis. I may be neither Jon Stewart nor Freddie Skavlan, but the discussions were interesting nevertheless.

The conversation moves through various themes. The economic situation in Iceland after the Economic crisis, the political situation, the relationship to the European Union, the activities of Attac Iceland, the Kafkaesque process against the so-called "Reykjavik nine" demonstrators, and the Icesave-deal. Watch the videos below:

IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID: This first part is about the economic situation on Iceland.

The truth behind the Israeli propaganda

Robert Fisk writes about "The truth behind the Israeli propaganda" in The Independent:

Israel’s Explanation for Deadly Gaza Aid Attack Full of Holes

Israel’s Explanation for Deadly Gaza Aid Attack "Full of Holes as a Window Screen"–Former U.S. Ambassador Edward Peck:

From Democracy Now: