Citizen Engineer: From Building to Bildung

I rarely, but sometimes publish things related to my work on this blog. Let this be one of those occasions.

Last year I did a small research project a bit on the side on the motivation of engineering students and how that can be used to promote Bildung oriented education. The results were presented at a couple of conferences. One presentation was at NTNUs Webinar festival, where the presentation has been put up on Youtube, embedded below:

The accompanying paper was published in the online OA journal "Læring om læring", and can be read here:

This journal has no length limitations, which allowed me to have both a wider and deep approach and flesh out the data with historical anecdotes.

Interestingly it has allready been cited in the first partial report from NTNUs "Fremtidens teknologistudier" (Technology education of the future):

Together with a colleague I also pieced out one aspect from the data, and made a much more pointed and shorter paper for last years SEFI conference, called CITIZEN ENGINEER - ENGINEERING STUDENTS’ MOTIVATION TOWARDS AN ENGINEERING CARE. That paper can be read here, in the proceedings:
(on page 1323)

Or if you prefer less scrolling, you can read it on my Researchgate page, here:

Well. I guess that was it for now. Do not hesitate to contact me, if you are doing similar research and find any of this interesting.

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