I dislike stupid atheists

I am an atheist. Something that I am generally quite pleased with. I am also a skeptic. Which is also nice. There is no reason to waste time on bullshit after all, and therefore separating sense from nonsense is a worthwhile activity.

But I do believe I have something in common with many religious people. I'm not always comfortable with all the people I am being associated with. Like the saying goes - It's not God I have a problem with - it's his fan club I don't like.

The problem with some atheists and skeptics is similar. And I believe that the self-image of being "hyperrational" in many cases can increase the probability for falling for very stupid ideas rather than prevent it. You simply become far too uncritical of yourself and your positions.

Like Sam Harris. A relatively well-known atheist. He recently came up in my Facebook-feed, and got me thinking about when and how I stopped taking anything he said seriously.

It's been quite a while, but I guess, the final straw was when I, many years ago, registered that he had put the foundational text of the Eurabia conspiracy theory on the recommended reading list on his website: Giselle Littman's (Bat Ye'Or) "Eurabia - the Euro-Arab axis".

A self-proclaimed rational individual thus promotes the, both then and currently, most popular conspiracy theory among the far right about European political leaders being in cahoots with Arab leaders with the aim of "islamizing" Europe and replacing the current population with muslim immigrants.

One thing is how incredibly stupid such ideas are, and how completely removed you would have to be from European political discourse to ever believe something like that.

Another thing is how deadly such Ideas are - it was the basic conspiracy theory that lay behind Norway's greatest terrorist act since WW2 - the attack on Oslo and Utøya in 2011 - and as a Norwegian I do not take this stuff lightly. This is in no way any better than the ideas underpinning islamic terrorists.

A third thing is the inherent racism that lies in the arguments about demography. When individuals, and even unborn children, are collectively infused with essentialistic negative features, the argument is genetic in all ways except in name.

I can forgive people the odd lapse in judgement, but this is not a thing of the past. Harris still has the book recommended on his website. And he used the book as a basis for an argument as late as march 2019.

To fall for utter extreme right conspiracy bullshit like that continuously for more than a decade, you have got to be an extremely irrational individual. And I see no point in wasting time on anything coming from such individuals. Life is preciously short, and world literature is full of things written by people who are not that stupid. Prioritize carefully.

Ingen kan være verdensmester i alt. :-)

Det er helt korrekt, og det vet jo de fleste blant oss. Men det er noen som tror de kan det, og da plumper de plutselig uti med begge beina så det synger.

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