These are the results of the greek vote...

Tsipras has done it again.

For once the optimism of the will seems to have triumphed. The count is not over, but the projected 20+% gap will not be closed. Perhaps there was something in the planned manipulation of the polls from the Yes-campaign that was hinted in a leaked strategy-document? Anyhow, they were further off than the British general election polls, and that was considered a scandal.

Well played and well fought by Tsipran, Vanoufakis et co, but austerity is not gone, and the fight must continue across Europe. One small but important change that has been visible in the days before the vote is that neoliberal economists are loosing their hegemony in their field. Names like Piketty, Stiglitz and Krugman have come out supporting the Greek people against policies that does more harm than good.

Perhaps the most interesting question in this entire debacle is: Why would anyone want to lend money on conditions that makes it extremely unlikely the ones you are lending the money to, will become able to pay you back?

The most up to date information I have found in English as of now:

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