Merry Red X-mas 2014: MarXist X-Mas ClassiX

Finally - the X-mas album you have been looking for. Lots of leftist instant juletide classics.

This is a part of infamous Norwegian Marxist gangsta rapper Isfjells side project Less Hip Hop - More crooning. The bilingual EP contains songs on everything from unionizing, how it's "kicking off everywhere" to borrow a phrase from Paul Mason, and historical events like the cuban revolution and the ideas of Antonio Gramsci.

For now we have made the album avaliable as a Youtube playlist. Links to individual songs and song lyrics will follow in short order.

Enjoy the juletide cheer with these magnificent sing-alongs.

Track 1 - Red X-mas
Track 2 - It's Beginning to Look like Revolution
Track 3 - Rudolf er rød
Track 4 - Cubansk jul
Track 5 - Organize
Track 6 - Must be Gramsci

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