Details from the Hermitage, St. Petersburg

The Winter Palace in St.Petersburg, Leningrad, is not only known for one of the pivotal episodes of the Russian revolution, it also contains one of the worlds greatest art collections. Below we will bring you a few details from different paintings, and a few glimpses of achitecture and other types of art. (Some of the images come with captions, and they keep getting sillier as we go, I'm sorry in advance.)

The luxury of the tsarist upper class combined with the poverty of everyday russians helps you understand the backdrop of the Russian revolution.

These tapestries gives you an insight in the romantic depictions of foreign parts of the world that were prominent in earlier centuries.

Commemorative plaque describing a pivotal moment from the Russian revolution where the revolutioners arrested the government.

Some call it gold, I call it peasants sweat.

I guess this is what Monty Python called "the comfy chair".

A fantastic piece of early technology, there is something quite steampunk about this mechanical bird.

Would you let Lionel Richie dance on this ceiling?

Da Vinci

Something diabolical about this goat. Not at all similar to LL Cool J's mediocre G.O.A.T.-album.

Good to have it evened out by a couple of cherubs.

Just another poor ol' peasant.

Eat Mor Chikin

Every dog has its day, or painting at least.

Dog vs. cow - hard to pick a favourite here.

Finally, slightly more modern painting techniques!

This Gauguin and his topless native chicks...

Go, cubist fiddler, go!

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