Out of our time -Time, relativity and event horizons

Many people have through their physics education gotten a basic grasp of relativity. However translating this into a more general understanding of the effect of the equations is something different.

In the following I will by an example, or rather a thought-experiment try to illustrate how the inside of the event horizon of a black hole is basically not a part of our universe.

VVR: Herbert Marcuse on the Frankfurt School

For the intellectual leftie, Venstresida Videoroll, now presents "Herbert Marcuse on the Frankfurt School", thougtfully uploded to youtube by individuals unknown:

Les Aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec et Erwin Schrödinger

The more exclusive a piece of humor is, the funnier it often also is for those few who actually understand it to its full depth. We therefore bring you this small joke for the physics-educated connoisseur of Franco-Belgian graphic novels:

MarXist Xmas ClassiX EP

The Greatest gift of all: Marxism, Music, Movies. Merry Xmas with our Xmas Album, here presented via the glorious splendor of Youtube:

Track 1 Red Xmas

MarXist Xmas ClassiX: Red X-mas

As a special bonus to our readers we now bring you the greatest gift of all: A new Juletide recording of yesteryears Marxist hit "Red X-mas"! Enjoy!


MarXist Xmas ClassiX: It's Beginning to Look like Revolution

Well folks - its time to formalize our steady (yearly?) production of revolutionary Jultide songs, so lets call the growing collection "MarXist Xmas ClassiX". At the same time, let me introduce the latest installment: It's Beginning to Look like Revolution. I'm sure you can all guess what traditional song it is based on. Lyrics in the video + pasted below. Enjoy!

ATIUKM: The Ghost Who Blogs

This site has come to our attention. Many Phantom, Mandrake etc. classics here: http://falkonthewildside.blogspot.com

Why does Dr. Manhattan have difficulties finding humans morally valuable?

I was just skimming through the book “Watchmen and philosophy” (Mark D. White, William Irwin) where Christopher Robichaud touches in on the subject in the title of this short essay.

If you are not familiar with the character, and thus do not quite get the subject, I suggest you go read the graphic novel.

It is obvious that Dr. Manhattan has problems with his emotional attachment to humans, and there of course can be multiple reasons for this. As he is a fictional character, we must also take into account that Alan Moore - a great artist he may be - may not have foreseen absolutely all possible aspects of extrapolating the characteristics of his characters into the philosophical realm.

VVR: Etre et Avoir, To be and to Have, Å være og å ha

Another great online movie here from Venstresida VideoRull. This french instant classic documentary tells the story of a teacher and his school in rural France:

Global Wave of Action for Education

Right now students across the world are fighting for a free emancipatory education for all, against privatization of education and increasing tuition fees: