5 Logical Fallacies

Cracked.com gives you 5 Logical Fallacies That Make You Wrong More Than You Think. An instructive article about why you can never convince a conspiracy theorist he is wrong 8And perhaps why Habermas i wrong?):

The capitalist network that runs the world

New research discovers the global economic power centra. Some might say this confirms marxist theories about concentration of wealth and power within capitalist systems:

Sybok meets Brainiac

Most nerdy jokes are funnier the more exclusive they get, but I really feel that I have managed to create a joke that is quite exclusive, but still only slightly witty. Hope you enjoyed it.

Details from the Hermitage, St. Petersburg

The Winter Palace in St.Petersburg, Leningrad, is not only known for one of the pivotal episodes of the Russian revolution, it also contains one of the worlds greatest art collections. Below we will bring you a few details from different paintings, and a few glimpses of achitecture and other types of art. (Some of the images come with captions, and they keep getting sillier as we go, I'm sorry in advance.)

Chomsky in Oslo

Not being able to go to Oslo today myself, I will try to aggregate media and information about Chomskys visit from differen sources on this page. Some of the information will naturally be in Norwegian, so feel free to use google translate, or a dictionary of choice:

Universitetsavisa: Chomsky til Norge: http://www.universitetsavisa.no/forskning/article10053.ece

NRK: Chomsky i Oslo: http://www.nrk.no/lyd/noam_chomsky_i_oslo/7F892BB9A7E41A2C/

More on the online attacs on Gaza-activists

The Norwegian National daily Klassekampen yesterday had a full-page story about the harassment against Gaza activists that venstresida.net wrote about a few days ago. The article also addresses how the Swedish author Henning Mankell has been subjected to similar harassment (although he is not a target for this particular attack even though the article may give this impression).

Pro-palestinian activists exposed to cyber-attacks

I discovered by accident that a campaign from international Israel-sympathizers has been initiated to get my facebook account blocked, in addition to the accounts of a number of other Palestine sympathizers. See the list under this item from the pro-Israeli website http://www.giyus.org/

It has later been re-posted in a wide range of pro-Israeli websites:

A couple of tough guys

OK, boys and girls - time to pick down those old Kung-Fu posters of the wall to make room for this one.

While we're on the subject: This naturally refers to the classic Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris fight from "Way of the Dragon".

See the whole movie here: