Conversations with Castro

An exerpt from Ignacio Ramonets book. Written a couple of years ago, in english now:

Bank: Patent rights over patient rights?

Once again we bring you video from a political meeting held in Trondheim. - This time in English. Helene Bank from Attac is up against Olav Flaten from Glaxo Smith Klein, while Michael Golding from Medecins Sans Frontieres tries to hold som sort of middle position (?).

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Right is wrong, left is right!

What The Devil...

Yesterday, the Devil came to omicron.leftist.net, and it smells of sulphur still today...

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Pray before FSM

Bow down and pray before the magnificent Flying Spaghetti Monster:

Science vs. superstition

As a follow-up from the James Randi-videos we brought you earlier, we will now present Brian Brushwood's lecture, "Scams, Sasquatch, and the Supernatural" in 12 parts straight off Youtube. Enjoy!

SSS (1 of 12) - How the shortchange con works

SSS (2of12) - Science vs. Pseudoscience

Fascisme i USA/Fascism in the USA

Veien fra det borgerlige demokrati til fascismen er kortere enn mange liker å tro. Dagbladets magasin har skrevet en artikkel basert på et nytt BBC-program om en iheltiet offentlig kjent hendelse.

Dagbladet: http://www.dagbladet.no/magasinet/2007/08/02/507785.html
COAT: http://coat.ncf.ca/our_magazine/links/53/dupont-by_colby.html
BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/history/document/document_20070723.shtml

Latin American Spanish for beginners: Fidel Castro documentary bonanza

Thanks to modern computer technology movies can be shared vith viewers all around the world. Most notably on sites like Googlevideo and Youtube. We will now take the opportunity to focus on a few documentaries with and about Fidel Castro.

If you want to download the videos to have them at your own hard-drive, we suggest you go to www.videodl.org. If you would like to have them in other formats, you can for example go to www.onebigtorrent.org or www.torrentz.com and do a search there. Now for the videos:

Oliver Stone: Comandante