Malalai Joya: Troops must leave Afghanistan! - Hent soldatene hjem!

Malalai Joya: - My main message to you is to pressure your government so that as soon as possible, troops must leave Afghanistan.

NSF volume 2 - Financial Crises

PACKED: The floor was packed during the Norway Social Forum meeting on the Financial Crises. Lots of people were standing by the walls or sitting on the floor.

Bilateral investment treaties

CRITICAL: Yash Tandon (here from another meeting at NSF08)

Saturday 11.08 I participated at a seminar about bilateral investment treaties (BITs) at the Norwegian Social Forum (Globaliseringskonferansen). Panellists were Yash Tandon (Economy professor from Uganda, and director of the South Centre), Knut Solli from NHO (the largest Norwegian business/employer organization), and Audun Lysbakken – co-chairman of the Norwegian Socialist Left party.

Cartoons 2

When Ronny is bored, Ronny sometimes draws cartoons - mostly based on some form of silly wordplay. Unfortunately Ronny is so lazy/busy that the drawings never seem to get past the sketch-stadium. That however is no reason not to put them out on the internet. This second installment is in english (surprise), and is some very silly wordplay indeed, in a classic crime-scenario. I think perhaps I have seen it used somewhere before, but I thought of it all of myself - I promise!:

- Well Johnson, it looks like we have got a cereal-killer on our hands.

VVR: Slacker Uprising

Many people are under the false impression that only people reciding within the US or Canada can watch Michael Moores new film for free. This is of course pure bullshit. Watch it below.


Fra http://www.michaelpalinforpresident.com/

Jeg tenkte på det selv, men noen kom på det før meg, helt sant...

The Hip Hop of Physics

Throughout the past few decades, a number of books, TV-programs etc. has been published, who explore the physical aspects of different popular cultural phenomena. I can mention f.ex. "The Physics of Star Trek" by Lawrence M.

ESU 2008 - The Unofficial Movie

After a few problems in the upload process, we are now proud to present "ESU 2008 - The Unofficial Movie". With speakers like Susan George, Dot Keet, José Bové, Erik Reinert and many more this is 2.5 hours of Attac debateomania!

ESU: 2,5 hours of Attac!

The American Empire Project

Worth checking out

Also presenting the new comic-book version of Howard Zinns classic "A Peoples History..."

ESU: The Trade Unions Political Role Illustrated by the Trondheim Model

Here comes the written transcript of the lecture I gave about the Trondheim Model at the ESU in Saarbrücken in the Forum “Which economic concept gives power to the people?” 08-03-08. (It may vary slightly from the verbal talk) You can download an mp3-file of the entire Forum here: