This is what a criminal looks like

Norwegian leftist party Rødt (Red), has made an online solidarity campaign with the pirates currently on trial in Sweden.

Go to http://filesharer.org/ and show the industry what a criminal looks like!

Downloadable e-books

As an addition to the ebook-sites in our links section, here are a few collected by Gizmo:

He however removed http://www.scribd.com/ from the list, as they "did little or nothing to remove illegal uploads". He should read some Thoreau. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civil_Disobedience_(Thoreau)

VVR: Pilger: The New Rulers of the World

Attac viste nylig John Pilgers "The New Rulers of the World" fra 2001 i Trondheim. Gikk du glipp av filmen, kan du se den her:

Attac recently showed John Pilgers 2001 movie "The New Rulers of the World" in Trondheim. If you missed the movie, you can watch it here:

The One-Dimensional Man

Herbert Marcuses entire ground-breaking "The One-Dimensional Man" is now available online at

Subcomandante Marcos on Gaza

The legendary Zapatista-leader speaks out on the Gaza disaster:

Israel: Massive demonstration against the war

Read reports from the Israeli peace movement. Far from all Israelis support the brutal government:

Gush Shalom home page:

On Religion

A semi-long essay on religion for our english-speaking readers.

A blessed childhood
As a kid I went from agnostic to atheist, when I came to the conclusion that this religion-thingy with God and Jesus was rather silly, and really didn't add much to my understanding of the world – rather subtracted actually. That said, I suspect I have been rather blessed (pun intended) having grown up in one of the most secular parts (inland) of one of the most secular countries in the world (Norway).The only people who went to church where I come from (except Christmas eve) were old people, born at the start of the 20th century, and in this perspective I used to think that religion would die out by it self within a few decades.

Iceberg Facebook fan page

Yo, a group of loyal fans has created a MackaRonny Iceberg facebook fan page. Check it out:


Malalai Joya: Troops must leave Afghanistan! - Hent soldatene hjem!

Malalai Joya: - My main message to you is to pressure your government so that as soon as possible, troops must leave Afghanistan.

NSF volume 2 - Financial Crises

PACKED: The floor was packed during the Norway Social Forum meeting on the Financial Crises. Lots of people were standing by the walls or sitting on the floor.