Free market flawed

In the global poll for the BBC World Service, only 11% of those questioned across 27 countries said that free-market capitalism was working well.

Rød jul 2009 - Årets julelåt: Red Christmas

Akkurat da håpet om en ny julelåt for jula 2009 holdt på å glippe klarte vi å få overført en sang fra vår egen rødnisse på nordpolen via en svak og skurrete satelittlinje. Det får ta ansvaret for lydkvaliteten.

En noe ruskete lyd produsert under kummerlige forhold og 40 minusgrader klarer likevel ikke å hemme den ektefølte marxistiske julegleden som strømmer ut til de tusen hjem via den vakre låta "Red Christmas". Tør vi spå en instant classic?

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The Young Honduran Revolution

Buy or download Johannes Wilms documentary about the situation in Honduras:
Info and links at : http://johanneswilm.org/honduras/


Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Nelson Mandelas autobiography is well worth a read if you are at all interested in modern history and politics. It is long, but both well written and an easy read, which can be a hard combination.

You can find exerpts from the book here:

Malalai Joya: The Big Lie of Afghanistan

Malalai Joya in the Palestine Telegraph:

"I don't believe it is in your interests to see more young people sent off to war, and to have more of your taxpayers' money going to fund an occupation that keeps a gang of corrupt warlords and drug lords in power in Kabul."


The Honduran coup was personal here

The blogger behind "A Gringa Diary" gives an account on how the Honduras coup looks from Venezuela.

Democracy has a price and I'm willing to pay it

Exclusive interview with Honduran president Manuel Zelaya for Sirel

Why President Zelaya's Actions in Honduras Were Legal and Constitutional

RebelReports.com has published this original article as a response to those who claim that the coup in Honduras was legal and/or constitutional and to the reporting by those media outlets that consistently repeat false characterizations of Honduran law and President Zelaya’s actions.


This is what a criminal looks like

Norwegian leftist party Rødt (Red), has made an online solidarity campaign with the pirates currently on trial in Sweden.

Go to http://filesharer.org/ and show the industry what a criminal looks like!