Christopher Reeve on feminism

With the sorry state of current Superman-actors, let us share the following exerpt from an interview with the classic Superman-actor, the late, great Christopher Reeve.

In a 1984 interview about a non-Superman film he was starring in, he amongst other things talks on how the film comments om feminism.

Read the entire interview here: https://www.csmonitor.com/1984/0927/092708.html

Jeremy Corbyn: Saviour of the world

All was dark around the world. Nuclear terror threathened the planet like it had not done in decades. Two overgrown babies seemd ready to bring the world to the brink of cathatstrophy.

Then came Jeremy Corbyn:

And suddenly:

Is the SJW-threath to academic freedom real, or just a right wing fantasy? A preliminary examination

WARNING: I recently did the following study over a short period of time, not knowing exactly what to do with it. I now realize it will be a long time until I'll have the time to go through it, clean up links, language and structure for any serious publication, but as it is a hotly debated topic, I decided to just dump the text as is. So take it "as is".

Over the past few years I have increasingly come across tales of how radical students with strong anti-racist and feminist views are threatening freedom of speech and academic freedom across campuses, particularly in the USA. Key terms describing how this is done are "trigger warnings" and "no platforming", and the students are often described as "Social Justice Warriors".

The criticism of this development is often right wing, but not always. It even made its way into the Norwegian journal, Prosa, a journal about nonfiction prose writing.

How problematic is this in principle?

The plot against Jeremy Corbyn

As anybody not hiding under a bush the past few weeks probably have noticed, there has been a massive coup attempt from the PLP (Parliamentary Labour Party) to oust popular Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, elected last year by 60% of Labour members and registered supporters.

New Year’s Day

by Antonio Gramsci

Note: This text was first published under the title “Capodanno” in Avanti!, Turin edition, in Gramsci's column “Sotto la Mole,” on January 1, 1916 — 100 years a go today.

Every morning, when I wake again under the pall of the sky, I feel that for me it is New Year’s day.

Gramsci in Spain

12065580_10153667691200871_3761039237355086909_n After the seminar: The author of this piece to the left (naturally), Kari in the centre and Pancho from Podemos to the right.


Jeg stiller til valg!

Link to English presentation

Klikk på bildet for en større versjon som du kan skrive ut og henge opp på campus.

Så er katta ute av sekken. Jeg stiller til valg til NTNU-styret.

The Killing of Frank Sulloways “Born to Rebel”

A gramscian prelude

In my critique of Anders Ehnmark’s Antonio Gramsci, one of the passages I criticize is where Ehnmark seems to disregard the influence class background has on peoples thoughts:

The many faces of Marxism

Originally published at https://thegramsciblog.wordpress.com/2015/07/07/the-many-faces-of-marxis...

I am currently working on a text on scientific method and have thus had the opportunity to read quite a bit of theory of science. I recently skimmed through parts of Per Arne Bjørkums “Annerledestenkerne” (Roughly translated: The alternative/different thinkers) (Universitetsforlaget 2009). Looking for a piece on the Norwegian philosopher Hans Skjervheim and the Norwegian debate on positivism, I discovered he had written a couple of pages on Marxism.

Red Heifer vs DEATH COW

Religous extremists can be dangerous. But they can also be silly. Recently while looking for some other dairy-related information, I came across this video from the extreme jewish group "The Temple Institute".

The Red Heifer refers to some Biblical profecy, and thus crazy jews and christians are searcing for red cattle all across the world. The Temple Institute now thought they had found one: