Kan ikke professor Witoszek regne?

Svært god kommentar av Jonas Bals på NyeMeninger som drar grunnen under en svært vanlig misforståelse om norsk arbeidsliv:

Humala leads before final election round

The business press covers Perus coming election by watching the Sol go up and down. Several polls have shown that leftist candidat Humala has a lead, and Peru seems set to strengthen the continents movement in a leftist direction.

ATIUKM: Tintin: Alph-Art

The website Objectif Tintin lets you read Rodiers entire finished version of Herges last unfinished Tintin-adventure at:

This is, in my regard the best version, and the only one available in English. In French you can also find the version of "Ramo Nash"

And the somewhat more crude "Pierre" version:

There is also a version by "ENSBA Paris", but it does not seem to be available online.

Strømkundene føres bak lyset

Interessant energipolitisk uttalelse fra Industri Energi:

Humala has narrow lead in Peru race

Left-wing nationalist Ollanta Humala has gained a narrow lead in Peru's presidential race two weeks before voting but he would struggle to win a runoff, according to two polls published on Sunday, says Reuters:

Hovudlaust inn i krigen

Kaj Skagen skriver om Libya i Dag og Tid: