Science vs. superstition

As a follow-up from the James Randi-videos we brought you earlier, we will now present Brian Brushwood's lecture, "Scams, Sasquatch, and the Supernatural" in 12 parts straight off Youtube. Enjoy!

SSS (1 of 12) - How the shortchange con works

SSS (2of12) - Science vs. Pseudoscience

SSS (3of12) How Astrology and Divinations Work

SSS (4of12) UFO's... what are the odds?

SSS (5of12) False Memory and Eyewitness Testimony

SSS(6of12) - Crop Circles

SSS (7of12) - Bigfoot and Cryptozoology

SSS (8of12) - Spiritualism, Table Tipping and Dowsing

SSS (9of12) Talking to the Dead

SSS (10of12) - ESP and Probability

SSS(11of12) Homeopathy, Magnets, and Quackery

SSS(12of12) - The Placebo Effect and Psychic Surgery

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