The Adventures of Martin Luther

As the sad news that Monty Pythons Terry Jones had passed away came today, it is a good opportunity to share a bit of Pyhon curiosa.

Back before VSH or later video thechnology was cheap and available to most, very often books, comic books or even LP's of television or cinema sucesses vere published for those who wanted to own and relive their audiovisual experience.

One such item i came across a while ago was a heavily illustrated book version of Monty Pythons Meaning of Life, originally published in 1982. It was full of images from the film, along with the script, but one thing surprised me - suddely I glanced upon a section about Martin Luther I could not remember from the film (which I have seen a conciderable number of times). A short search brought me to this youtube clip, where it was informed that it was cut from the final film. But obviousley after they had made the book from the film.

For those who, like me, had not seen it previousley, I bring it here, as a hommage to the now late Terry Jones. Our favourite Luther, I am sure.

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