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The Hip Hop of Physics

Throughout the past few decades, a number of books, TV-programs etc. has been published, who explore the physical aspects of different popular cultural phenomena. I can mention f.ex. "The Physics of Star Trek" by Lawrence M.

Angry political hip-hop debate

If you look under my old Interview, an interesting (perhaps, or perhaps not) debate over the political role of hip-hop has emerged between me and Zearle (once known as Zearle of Red Dagger). Basically he thinks I am an uneducated sell-out, and I think he is a US-sentric sectarian. We're probably both right.

Read the discussion here:

Iceberg at

I now have a nice little site on where you can download or stream mp3's and view videos.

The Albums

The online Iceberg music:
For now you can listen to and/or download these albums:

Mic'sizm (work in progress)

Gængsterr (2002)

My Adidhas EP (2003)

MarXist Xmas ClassiX EP (2011)

The Lost Tapes (1997-2000)

Mic'sizm - work in progress

New technology gives artists an unique opportunity to give the public a look into their work at a time before the release of an album. The next MackaRonny Iceberg / Isfjell album is planned to be entiteled "Mic'sizm" and will be released at any time where the artist feels he has got enough tracks ready of a sufficient quality to put the album together. This page will therefore contain a collection of post-"Gængsterr" tracks which may (or may not) end up on the forthcoming album (in this or another version). Be patient about the release date - the artist is very busy doing other things.

My Adidhas EP - Complete album online

This EP is a collaboration between MackaRonny Iceberg and the Red Star Budapest crew. It is a fusion between hip hop an electronica in which various members of the RSB crew have remixed Iceberg tracks. The entire EP can be listened to here, or downloaded from Jamendo.

The Links

The Videos

The collection of online Iceberg Videos:

MackaRonny Iceberg - Gængsterr - complete online!

Thanks to the remarkable creative commons music site (Thanks to Einar for the tip) the entire classic norwegian marxist semi-pornografic hip hop album "Gængsterr" from 2002 is available online. It can be played directly, or downloaded in the ogg-format. Enjoy: