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Less Studielån, Mo Problems

I forbindelse med at jeg lager noen videoforelesninger til et emne jeg skal ha over sommeren, klarer jeg ikke helt å la være å trekke noen gamle kunster opp av hatten. Så kos dere med de tre innledende minuttene av forelesninga mi om studentrollen.

MackaRonny Iceberg - The Lost Tapes

In the corner of an old harddrive these files, thought lost forever were found. From the pre-Gængsterr aera they give an unique insight into the developmentof the creative process of the artist. Musically they give you the raw unpolished energy only the tracks of a young hungry artist can give. To the music lover I say: enjoy. To the capitalist I say: Fuck all y'all!


Over til det viktigste som har skjedd den siste uken: Dr Dre har sluppet ett nytt album - Compton.

Det er dermed gått 16 år siden han slapp det ikoniske 2001 i 1999. Men den gang var det likevel 17 år siden The Chronic kom i 1992, så han har økt tempoet, man kan ikke si annet. Kanskje kan vi kanskje dermed vente en oppfølger allerede i 2031?

Merry Red X-mas 2014: MarXist X-Mas ClassiX

Finally - the X-mas album you have been looking for. Lots of leftist instant juletide classics.

This is a part of infamous Norwegian Marxist gangsta rapper Isfjells side project Less Hip Hop - More crooning. The bilingual EP contains songs on everything from unionizing, how it's "kicking off everywhere" to borrow a phrase from Paul Mason, and historical events like the cuban revolution and the ideas of Antonio Gramsci.

MarXist Xmas Classics presents: Must be Gramsci

This years Marxist X-mas carol is about the italian political philosopher Antonio Gramsci. Enjoy:

I unfortunately did not have time to make a video. Perhaps Next X-mas?

Lyrics: "Must Be Gramsci"

Who's updatet marxist theory
Gramsci updated the theory

Who coined the term hegemony
Gramsci coined hegemony

Theory, Hegemony

Must be Gramsci
Antonio Gramsci
Must be Gramsci: Tony G

Who's got glasses and curly hair

New Red Star Budapest release

New RedStar Budapest album release with brand new electronica mixes of classic Iceberg trax:

Download and enjoy!

Rød Jul 2012!

Som mange tidligere år, vil vi også i år feire den marxistiske høytiden, Julen, i den rette ånd, med oppbyggelige sosialistiske julesanger! Årets julelåt er en stemningsfull oppfordring til fagorganisering, til kjente juletoner. Hør årets julesang "Organize", under.

A couple of tough guys

OK, boys and girls - time to pick down those old Kung-Fu posters of the wall to make room for this one.

While we're on the subject: This naturally refers to the classic Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris fight from "Way of the Dragon".

See the whole movie here:

You left us alone: Music to remember Nate Dogg by...

Nate Dogg is dead. The soothing mellow voice of American West Coast Gangsta rap is no more. A cultural icon has ceased to be. We are in grief, and it is just to sad there will be no more great Nate Dogg-hooks on great american hip-hop tracks. Let us reminice, with a few moments with Nate Doggs musical treasure. As long as his music lives - he will allways be with us.