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We kid you not

Green Left Weekly - Tue, 09/24/2013 - 09:33
Tue, 24/09/2013

Florida medical examiner claim prosecution threw Zimmerman case

“In a bombshell allegation, Florida medical examiner Dr Shiping Bao claims that Florida state prosecutors were biased against Trayvon Martin [an unarmed Black teenager shot dead by George Zimmerman] and purposely threw the case [in which Zimmerman was found not guilty of all charges], and he is suing the state for $100 million ...

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Greenwald, Assange speak on fight for free information

Green Left Weekly - Tue, 09/24/2013 - 09:08
Sat, 21/09/2013 By Simon Butler

About 1000 people packed the Sydney Opera House on September 16 for a public forum featuring Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning’s defense lawyer David Coombs, independent US journalist Alexa O’Brien and Australian academic Robert Manne.

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Consumers not to blame for sweatshop wages

Green Left Weekly - Tue, 09/24/2013 - 07:10
Tue, 24/09/2013 By David L. Wilson

Hong Kong-based business executive Bruce Rockowitz told the New York Times recently that consumers are ultimately the ones responsible for dangerous conditions in garment assembly plants in the global South.

The problem is that improved safety would raise the price of clothing, according to Rockowitz, who heads Li & Fung Limited, a sourcing company that hooks up retailers like Macy’s and Kohl’s with suppliers in low-wage countries like Bangladesh.

“So far”, he said, “consumers have just not been willing to accept higher costs”.

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US cops shoot dead injured Black man seeking help

Green Left Weekly - Tue, 09/24/2013 - 05:36
Fri, 20/09/2013 By Dave Zirin

If after Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, and Darius Simmons, you thought that you could be sickened by racist violence but no longer shocked, you need to know the story of Jonathan Ferrell.

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Somalia: Ethiopian occupation ends, suffering continues

Green Left Weekly - Tue, 09/24/2013 - 04:16
Fri, 06/02/2009 By Tony Iltis

Somalia is often cited by Western politicians and journalists as the archetypical “failed state”, with no functioning state since the collapse of the last central government in 1991, and with power contested by warlords, Islamists, clan militias, armed criminal gangs and even pirates.Somalia is often cited by Western politicians and journalists as the archetypical "failed state", with no functioning state since the collapse of the last central government in 1991, and with power contested by warlords, Islamists, clan militias, armed criminal gangs and even pirates.

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Carlo's Corner: Welcome to the Abbottoir

Green Left Weekly - Mon, 09/23/2013 - 14:32
Sat, 21/09/2013 By Carlo Sands

Tony Abbott was officially sworn in as prime minister on September 18 at Government House in a ceremony that seemed to involve the ritual blood sacrifice of public servants.

Featuring the sacrificial slaughter of three top public servants that day, the ceremony appears to have enabled the new PM to commune directly with the Dark Lord Margaret Thatcher from the deep fiery pits of Hell where the baroness demon has presumably dwelt since April.

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Canada: New oil train crash highlights severe dangers

Green Left Weekly - Mon, 09/23/2013 - 14:02
Mon, 23/09/2013 By Roger Annis

For the second time in three months, a CP Rail train carrying toxic and flammable hydrocarbons has derailed in the city of Calgary, in Alberta province.

On September 11, eight railway wagons carrying close to one million liters of a highly flammable gasoline product (diluent) used in the pipeline transport of tar sands bitumen derailed in the Inglewood neighbourhood.

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Spain: Indefinite teachers’ strike provoked by language rights' attack

Green Left Weekly - Mon, 09/23/2013 - 13:26
Mon, 23/09/2013 By Dick Nichols, Barcelona

The school year should have already begun on the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, near the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula), but it hasn’t. Since September 16, high school and primary teachers have been on an indefinite strike.

In Palma, capital of Mallorca, up to 6000 teachers have been demonstrating daily outside the main government building. When the ceremony marking the start of the Balearic Islands’ university term was held, a swathe of lecturers walked out to express their solidarity with the thousands of teachers protesting outside.

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What's new on Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

Green Left Weekly - Mon, 09/23/2013 - 13:15
Mon, 23/09/2013

World's longest running strike sets example

Mike Marquesee looks at the ongoing struggle of South Africa's ex-Midrand Council workers. They are engaged in what is surely the world's longest running industrial dispate, starting in 1994. They are still fighting.

Capitalism, sexual violence and sexism

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New Zealand: Water pollution environmental impact report suppressed

Green Left Weekly - Mon, 09/23/2013 - 12:55
Mon, 23/09/2013 By Darryn Loveridge

A leaked submission prepared by a New Zealand government department raising serious concerns about the risk of water pollution to a Hawke’s Bay river has been suppressed by the government, the New Zealand Labour Party and the Greens Party said.

The Department of Conservation prepared a draft 32-page submission on the proposed Ruataniwha Dam. It said the plan poses threats to water quality, habitats and fish species and that reversing damage caused by the proposal would present real problems.

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Evo Morales to sue US for violating international law

Green Left Weekly - Mon, 09/23/2013 - 12:52
Mon, 23/09/2013

Bolivian President Evo Morales plans to file a lawsuit against the US government for crimes against humanity, reported on September 20. Morales criticised the US for its intimidation tactics and fear-mongering after a plane carrying Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was blocked from entering US airspace.

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Rally tells Abbott to welcome refugees

Green Left Weekly - Mon, 09/23/2013 - 07:18
Mon, 23/09/2013 By Susan Price

About 1000 protesters marched through the streets of Melbourne on September 21, in opposition to the Coalition government’s attacks on refugees. It was the first refugee rights rally since the election of Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The rally heard from several speakers, including Bishop Philip Huggins, from the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, Ingrid Stitt from the Australian Services Union, Janet Rice, newly elected Greens Senator for Victoria, and Karen Jones from the Refugee Action Collective.

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LA uproar as US denies Venezuelan leader air passage

Green Left Weekly - Mon, 09/23/2013 - 06:26
Mon, 23/09/2013 By Ewan Robertson

Venezuela has rejected the United States’ version of events in the dispute over Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s passage through US airspace on September 19.

The diplomatic fallout reached media attention when Venezuelan foreign minister Elias Jaua told reporters that Maduro had been denied permission to fly through US airspace.

Venezuelan officials said the presidential flight was prohibited from passing over Puerto Rico, a US colony in the Caribbean. Maduro considered changing the flight path to reach Paris, France.

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Don't agonise, organise against Abbott's agenda

Green Left Weekly - Mon, 09/23/2013 - 06:01
Thu, 12/09/2013 By Peter Boyle

So Tony Abbott is the new prime minister. The Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Labor governments delivered this outcome with the narrow self-interest of its MPs and mafia-like faction heads and its desperation to prove itself as the best managers of the system for the billionaire class.

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Syria: US war drive halted, for now

Green Left Weekly - Mon, 09/23/2013 - 05:53
Mon, 23/09/2013 By Tony Iltis

Threats of a new United States-led war in the Middle East abated, at least for now, on September 20 when Syria met a deadline set in a September 14 agreement between the US and Russia.

As part of the deal, Syria submitted details of its chemical weapons to Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

The US threatened military action against Syria after an August 21 sarin gas attack killed 355 people in the East Damascus suburb of Ghouta.

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The sordid history of Clive Palmer

Green Left Weekly - Mon, 09/23/2013 - 05:29
Mon, 23/09/2013 By Phil Shannon

Clive: The Story of Clive Palmer
Sean Parnell
HarperCollins, 2013
328 pages, $39.99 (hb)

When the local council denied planning permission for the Queensland National Party’s media director, Clive Palmer, to build a 66-story townhouse development on peaceful rural land in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast in 1984, Palmer’s party and state government mate, Russ Hinze, helped the rich guy out by overturning the council decision.

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Letter from the US: Wealth inequality grows fives years on from Lehman collapse

Green Left Weekly - Mon, 09/23/2013 - 05:21
Mon, 23/09/2013 By Barry Sheppard, San Francisco

Two related anniversaries were marked this September.

The first was the collapse five years ago of Lehman Brothers, which came to symbolise the financial crisis, the subsequent Great Recession, and the anemic recovery.

The second was the upsurge of the Occupy movement two years ago in response, which popularised the idea that the richest 1% are the enemy of the rest of us. This slogan has taken hold in mass consciousness ? an enduring legacy of Occupy.

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Slain Greek anti-fascist rapper: 'I won't cry, I won't fear'

Green Left Weekly - Mon, 09/23/2013 - 04:45
Fri, 20/09/2013 By ROAR Collective

When he was assaulted by a gang of black-shirted Golden Dawn thugs on the night of September 18 in the Keratsini district of Athens, 34-year-old Pavlos Fyssas — a big and powerful man — was with his girlfriend and another couple.

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GLW issue number 982

Green Left Weekly - Mon, 09/23/2013 - 04:35
Thu, 19/09/2013

Aus. role in Chile coup revealed as protest targets pro-Pinochet pollie

Green Left Weekly - Mon, 09/23/2013 - 04:34
Sat, 21/09/2013 By Stuart Munckton

Members of Sydney's Chilean community and supporters protested outside New South Wales Parliament on September 16 to demand Premier Barry O'Farrel sack Liberal MP Peter Phelps.

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